The Faust Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in America

This local branch of the national Society has been serving the greater Sacramento area for over forty years. Applications for membership in the General Anthroposophical Society and in the Faust Branch may be obtained by emailing or by speaking to any member of the Faust Branch coordinating committee.

Member’s dues are $45, payable in September. Supporting Member dues are $85 and entitle one to free admission to lectures. Donor dues are $130 and entitle one to free admission to lectures and special events. All attendees are expected to pay for Special Events (fees vary), excepting Donors. Dues and contributions help pay for mailing and printing costs, facility expenses, honoraria for lecturers and artists, as well as festival celebrations. Donations beyond the membership fees are gratefully received to support the programs and activities that benefit
the entire community. Those with special financial circumstances are encouraged to speak with a member of the coordinating committee.

The Faust Branch Coordinating Committee

Gayle Davis, Cynthia Hoven, Harald Hoven, Ronald Koetzsch, Carol Nordaas, Sandra Stoner



« When self-knowledge is attained,
the self becomes world for us;
When world knowledge is attained,
the world becomes self for us. »