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Dear Members and Friends of the Faust Branch,

Because of the current corona virus crisis, the Faust Branch coordinating committee has decided to cancel the branch meeting this Wednesday, March 18.  The showing of the film “The Big Little Farm” at the Christian Community will not take place.

In addition, the meetings on March 25 (lecture by Bruce Donehower) and on April 1(study with Gayle Davis) have been cancelled.

There was no meeting scheduled on the Wednesday of Passion Week (April 8), so the next possible meeting is on April 15, a lecture by Sanford Miller.

Under the circumstances, we cannot say now whether that meeting will take place or not. However, we will keep you informed.

We anticipate that the cancelled events will take place later in the year.

Stay warm. Stay well.

Ronald E. Koetzsch
On behalf of the coordinating  committee